FSA Powder Metallurgy Finishing Machine
FSA Powder Metallurgy Finishing Machine
FSA Powder Metallurgy Finishing Machine
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Main Structure Features

  • FSA finishing machine introduces the finishing technology of powder metallurgy products of domestic and overseas. It’s a new type of high performance special powder metallurgy machine developed together by YADON and JAPAN MIE.
  • FSA finishing machine adopts typical crank connecting rod mechanism transmission, precision sliding block guide, and independent special die set, to ensure the machine can perform to the highest standards with proven reliability. It also can achieve pressurization delay function, to ensure the high precision and good consistency of products.
  • Easy to install and adjust the mould, can achieve two work types: up mandrel or down mandrel.
  • Using the combination of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic, Straight-line front-rear robots can easily achieve feed, feeding, finishing, discharging.
  • Various security insurance device and detection device lead to safe and reliable operation;
  • Pressure indicating device can monitoring display product’s finishing pressure peak, and Set high and low finishing pressure alarm signals.
  • The action is quick and reliable with using combined friction clutch brake.
  • Electric system is controlled with imported PLC programmable controller, which adopt imported frequency converter to control travel times, with stop, inching, single, continuous operation specification.
  • Main electric components are international brands, with superior performance, and reliable quality.
  • Can add additional functions in accordance with customer requirements.
Model FSA--120 FSA--160 FSA--200 FSA--250 FSA--400 FSA--600
Maximum pressure KN 1200 1600 2000 2500 4000 6000
Maximum force Escape KN 600 800 1500 1500 2000 3000
On slide stroke mm 180 180 200
The slider to adjust the volume Mm 0~60 0~60 0~130
Stripping stroke mm 0~80 0~80 0~100
Product finishing times S.P.M 6~24 6~18
main motor power KW 22 30 37 55 75
Stepless Import converter
Clutch Pneumatic clutch (combined)
Plus pressure indicating device Hydraulic
Oil installations Forced Automatic oil
The outer punch force KN 1200 1600 2000 2500 4000 6000
The force on the inner punch KN 600 800 1000 1250 2000 3000
Template under pressure KN 600 800 1000 1250 2000 2500
Under pressure by the punch plate KN 1200 1600 2000 2300 3000 4500
Fixed mandrel under pressure KN 150 800 200 250 600
Undershoot plate release stroke mm 80 110
voltage AC380V
Operating voltage AC110V
Dimensions Height mm According to customer products, real mold set
Width mm
Depth mm
Molded product out device Linear punch out state manipulator (optional)
Photoelectric safety protection device Import photocell (optional)
Mold fixation Normal locking (imported hydraulic lock optional)

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